The Importance of Reviews In The Escort Scene


In a world increasingly reliant on technology, reviews can be considered as important as the business itself. We see reviews everywhere. Whenever we search for a business online, the first results page is usually loaded with reviews for that company.

Why? In simple terms, people trust other people. We are more likely to believe something told to us by a person rather than a corporation. Which, of course, makes total sense.

Reviews are so important to customers that review sites have popped up everywhere online. Sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor and in the case of the escort world, Punternet. Millions of people have used these sites to leave reviews, and even more have used them to influence a purchase. Recent studies have shown that almost 90% of customers read online reviews before using a business or buying a product, and 88% of consumers trust the reviews they read online as much as personal recommendations.

It’s important to remember that for many involved, the world of escorting is a business. While this doesn’t mean that the women don’t enjoy the sessions they have with their clients – in fact, it’s very rare that one of our ladies reports a negative experience – our ladies must keep in mind that this is their income. Without money, our escort Ticino can’t afford to live, clothe or feed themselves. They just happen to be lucky enough that their jobs are incredibly enjoyable.

So, if this is a business, why shouldn’t the position we take on leaving reviews be any different to any other business?

A lot of people out there fantasise of hiring the services of an escort for a night of unbridled love making, but fear and nervousness often get the better of them. It can be a daunting move; to make the leap from fantasy to reality, and some people find it difficult to summon the courage to do so.

The advantages of online reviews for some of our ladies at Diva Escorts help put those kinds of people at ease. Take for example the following review of the beautiful Eda:

“Incredible service, incredible hospitality, all  brillIant experience, highly recommend. Fun and outgoing personality, eager to please.”

A review such as this one lets the rest of the world know that everything they see on the screen is what they’re getting in real life. Quite often, people believe that the photos of our gorgeous ladies could never match up to the reality, but thanks to honest reviews like the one above, this reassures potential clients that there is no fakery involved.

A lot of reviews state how relaxed the lady in question makes the client feel when they arrive. Of course, comfort is very important for overall enjoyment, and this is something which weighs heavily on the mind of a client before they meet with their preferred escort. Our clients, therefore, realise that there are others in the same situation as them; men who love the idea of spending an evening with a beautiful lady but are worried about feeling uncomfortable when the time comes. Thanks to reviews, these fears can easily be scrubbed out.

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